The Role of Congolese Intellectuals

For so long ago, some of us Congolese Intellectuals have refrained from participating in dialogues over our country's issues.

However, the ongoing dialogue "THE ROLE OF CONGOLESE INTELLECTUALS" has invited all of our best-minds to come forward and to speak-up.

Attracting more attention into this dialogue is, the point raised by our countryman Jean Paul. The notion that the "EDUCATION LEVEL" of our current President is "UNKNOWN" to his own Intellectuals. This is totally an insult to the intelligence of our Intellectuals, and it is extremely absurd.

Since Independence in 1960, our country has been presided by those the "AVERAGE YEAR OF EDUCATION" achieved is equivalent to that of a Primary School student. Starting with our first-President Kasavubu, then to Mobutu, Kabila(father), and  to Kabila(son), none of them achieved a college or a higher degree of education  to be qualified as intellectuals, before they ran a huge country such as ours.

Therefore, the ultimate role of today,s Intellectuals is, to utilize all aspect of our intelligence abilities and resources, to ensure our very next elected President must be "first" an Intellectual.

Lono Jacques Kasina
Washington, DC





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