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Dear President Obama,

I volunteered for you. I voted for you. I am a fellow alumnus of Columbia University. I am a first generation African migrant from the Congo-Zaire, next door to Kenya.

During the campaign, you mentioned the millions (over 5.4 already) who have died in the Congo-Zaire since 1998. But how deep and comprehensive is your reading and knowledge on the Congo-Zaire "crisis" (AP), the Congo-Zaire "Holocaust" (Johann Hari in The Independent of London), the "mass slaughters" in Africa (Lynne Duke in The Washington Post ), the Congo-Zaire "Hell" (Eve Ensler in Glamour ), and, finally, the Congo-Zaire "Genocide" (Wayne Madsen in Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa, 1993-1999 )?

Do you know who was the President of the US and the leader of the planet Earth between 1993 and 1999? Yes, Sir, it was Bill Clinton!

Just staying in Central Africa, Bill Clinton facilitated the catalyst that triggered the present turmoil and genocides in Central Africa:

- He provided the Rwandan Tutsi Paul Kagame through the Ugandan Tutsi Yoweri Museveni, the missile that killed the democratically elected Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, a Hutu, along with the President of Burundi and the French crew (hence Paul Kagame, now dictator-president of Rwanda and his close associates that includes the Tutsi general in his army, Nkunda, who is heaping havoc these days in eastern Congo-Zaire, are wanted by the French Justice System (One of Kagame's associate, his chief of protocol, Rose Kabuye, was arrested on November 9 in Germany, and was just transferred to France to face charges on this assassination) .

- He stood by as the Rwandan Hutus announced that they will avenge the death of Habyarimana on the Tutsis, and they carried it out in 1994 (over 500,000 killed).

- He trained Paul Kagame in the US and sent African-American trainers to Central Africa to train Rwandan and Ugandan Tutsis and provided them with the logistics and intelligence in their and the Ugandan army's invasion of the Congo-Zaire in 1996 to carry out a genocide of 500,000 of their fellow Hutus who were living in refugee camps (reports at the UN and the EU), and in 1998 to overthrow the Congo-Zaire leader that they set up in the first place, in order to replace him, in 2001, with a Rwandan Tutsi and former officer in Kagame's army, Joseph Hypolite Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila, whom they, then, "legitimized" in 2006 and 2007 through sham and rigged elections.

- He orchestrated the present scramble for Congo-Zaire minerals through the Congo-Zaire invasions by Rwanda and Uganda of 1996 and 1998, that have resulted in " The deadliest war since Adolph Hitler marched across Europe " (Johann Hari, sic. 10/30/2008). Follow the money, Mr. President, and you will find that the mining companies and the individuals benefiting from the Congo-Zaire genocide of already over 5.4 million have been great friends of and donors to Bill Clinton and his "benevolent" enterprises.

Bill or Hillary? You know, Dear President Obama, that they come as a package, and you better believe it that Hillary will not denounce Bill Clinton's activities that have cost millions of African lives, and neither yourself, nor Hillary can stop or change Bill…

In fact, when it comes to Africa, I'd rather take George W Bush-Colin Powell anytime over Bill Clinton… Monies to fight AIDS, attention on Darfur, Democracy in Liberia, stopping bloody diamonds from Sierra Leone, and even ordering foreign troops out of the Congo in 2003… are all Bush-Powell accomplishments in Africa. Clinton never did any of this and, to fool Africans, he only gave them a "trade" bill that insured that Africa will remain a depository of raw materials for the US as it has been for Europe and nothing else. Thus, frankly, Mr. President, for the sake of Change , Africa needs to have peace, develop itself, and deal with the rest of the world as equal partners with dignity and respect. As you have just demonstrated through your successful run for the presidency of the US, just like any other God-created human being on Earth, we, Africans, do have the brains to achieve and the desire and the capacity to foster democracy.

This is why we say NO to the Clintons for Secretary of State. We are counting on you, Mr. President Obama, to bring change in Africa by promoting real Peace, Justice, and Democracy there, by fundamentally changing the US policy toward Africa, and by telling the former colonial powers in Africa to stop their installing, supporting, and maintaining despots and dictators-for- life in their former African colonies who ruthlessly crush and kill any individual and any movement for democracy in African countries.

Thank you, Mr. President.

By Yaa-Lengi Ngemi,

President of the New York-based Coalition for Peace, Justice, and Democracy in Congo-Zaire (CONGOCOALITION) and author of Genocide in the Congo-Zaire congocoalition@ hotmail.com – 718-610-9388

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